Your Naked Voice (2017)

Your Naked Voice

Our new Level One Online Course Your Naked Voice invites you to:
• Remember the real sound inside you, as a language of self-knowledge and wisdom
• Heal the divide between silence, speech, and song
• Embody your voice as your own Self through the daily vocal practice of The Seven Sounds of Love


“It doesn’t matter whether you are a highly trained musician, a singer in the bath, or a total beginner,” explains Chloë Goodchild. With Your Naked Voice, now you can restore and deepen your compassionate expression, as you continually celebrate your unique sound in creative and liberating ways.
This course consists of:
1) Introductory Video (8 mins)
2) Study Guide PDF (21 pages)
3) The Deep Listening (10 audio tracks, 66 mins)
4) The Seven Sounds of Love (12 audio tracks, 75 mins)
5) Eternal A (1 audio track, 40 mins)
6) Concluding Video (6 mins)
This course is a newly updated and enhanced version of the original Your Naked Voice 3-CD set produced by Sounds True. In this new version we have added some video content and more music for an enhanced listening experience. If you have already bought the original version then this version is optional. Once you have worked through either version you are eligible to sign up for our Level Two Online Course. Click here for more information.

Please note due to the size of this download we will send you a link to download from Dropbox when your order has been received.