Awakening Through Sound (2007)

Awakening Through Sound

Whatever stage you are at with The Naked Voice practice you can be sure that ‘Awakening Through Sound’ will support and enhance your daily practice.


It will also deepen your understanding of the music philosophy and principles behind the Naked Voice practices. Divided into 5 sections, it covers a wide-reaching vocal territory, whilst challenging and quickening your own epistimological and ontological self-inquiry. It will also enable all those who are geographically too far away to have a direct experience of the work, to open the door on their own Naked Voice and Sound experience.


The spiritual masters from East and West traditions have known for centuries a truth that most of us typically overlook: we each possess a built-in mechanism for spiritual awakening. What is it? The sound of your own voice.


Your naked voice is the deep song of your heart that contains all your longing, joy, grief, and passion—the “raw truth” of who you are. With ‘Awakening Through Sound’, you will learn how to fearlessly engage with your own naked voice —to listen to yourself and others with “unconditional ears,” to integrate heart, mind, and body, and to release your full creativity. In five stimulating CD sessions and a 40-minute DVD, Chloë Goodchild draws from 30 years of teaching thousands around the world to gently guide you through a full range of vocal and physical exercises. Discover sacred chants and mantras rooted in the mystical traditions of India to unveil a wisdom “deeper than the polarity of all conflict.” Sing the ‘Seven Sounds of Love’, a full-body practice to open your heart to the expression of love in all its forms. Learn six musical modes to express and transform your negative emotional energy into positive human feeling as you unfold into new dimensions of your Self.


“The naked voice is our most untapped human resource,” says Chloë Goodchild, “and the aim of Awakening Through Sound is to restore honour to our most neglected wisdom tool: the ear.” Join this pioneering sound healer for a daring curriculum that will help you breakthrough your vocal limitations, access latent insight and intuition, and bring the gift of your true Self to everyone around you.

CD1: Your Personality Voice & The Witness
CD2: Your Inner Voice, Sacred Chant & Mantra
CD3: Your Wisdom Voice – The Seven Sounds of Love
CD4: Your Healing Voice Through The Musical Modes
CD5: Your Naked Voice – Applying It In The World
DVD: Awakening Through Sound Body Practices

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