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13th April 2017
Somewhere along the line we separated speaking from singing. The majority of people I have been privileged to explore voice and sound with, often start out with the notion that they ‘don’t have a voice’. When I ask them “who is speaking now?” they laugh and reply, with “I mean I can’t sing”. That is like saying I don’t have a soul, which is clearly not true. Rumi dissolved this dilemma when he (Coleman Barks) says, “Dont worry about saving these songs and if one of our instruments breaks, it doesnt matter. We’ve fallen into the place where everything is music”. I love to explore the interface between silence, spoken and sung voice, where ‘everything is music’. How does that happen? There is a magic way of listening and expressing that unifies ‘speaking’ with ‘singing’ and ignites a deep sense of of wonder. A music of silence is there, sound before sound, that deepens the seamless connection between spoken, sung and silent, turning your sounding into sacred utterance. Here’s a question to consider repeating inwardly like a mantra. “Who says words with my mouth?” (Chloe Goodchild)
8th April 2017
Vibration is the inter-connective tissue of the universe. Sound has the power to unify diverse groups, dissolve cultural boundaries, transform consciousness. NOW is the time to restore honour to our ears, to listen and be heard, to reclaim our sacred power of sound as one planetary and cosmic Heart. In this time of global chaos and spiritual crisis, many of us living in relative safety may feel that we are powerless to respond to the prevailing uncertainties and devastating news assailing us from the media. What to do? We are being called to surrender our attachment to and identity with the old archaic systems of separateness, institutional violence, and an “eye for an eye” so that we can prepare for a greater shift in humanity’s destiny. It is therefore essential to remember, while we watch the dark conspiracies of mainstream TV news, that we are actually participating in the birthing process of a newly evolving world. And we cannot do this alone. (Chloe Goodchild)
31st December 2016
Dearest friends, creative practitioners and trainees,
I am sitting here in stillness, on New Years Eve 2016 thinking of you.
I love this transitional moment of surrender, just before the world dawns upon a New Year. This time, a NEW YEAR OF ONE (2+0+1+7). And what a year it is going to be! No.1…Rebirth, Transformation, New Beginnings. Yes!
Right now, I send you love, light and deepest gratitude for your presence in my life, and for our evolving journey together on Mother Gaia. Whether we are near of far, whether we are directly absorbed in the Naked Voice practices, or fuelling our own engine of fulfilment elsewhere, we all remain one voice, one breath, one Heart one Singing Field, one ev olving symphony of consciousness.
This has been an unprecedented year of cleansing and purging all over the outer world. And we have all been navigating it internally too. Many people have said to me, “Thank God for the practices!” Contrary to what the media propaganda would have us believe, we are making some striking and critical evolutionary shifts in consciousness, all the more so as the Light of awareness and unconditional Love manifests more powerfully within our lives and calls to be fully embodied, and courageously expressed, at deeper and deeper levels.
I have been privileged this year to encounter so many new, as well as ongoing vocal practitioners, who are all realising the true transformative power that your voice has in transmuting the darkness of fear and separateness and violent conflict, generated by the old paradigm of “Thou shalt not”.
2017 is going to be a year when we come together and harness the force of love and light within our voices our lives, our musical souls, and most important, our Deep Being, more than ever we imagined we possibly could. It will require an intention and a courage motivated by the call to truly transform and to be transformed by new sacred and sonic codes within our DNA capable of uprooting and dissolving all the old karmic liabilities.
The Feminine
The presence of the Divine Feminine – as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Anandamayi – has never been so significant as she is now, and in this light I invite you to sound her name everyday in whatever archetype she appears to you. Invoke her presence as all-pervading compassionate Love as consort of Christ Consciousness, Shiva, Krishna, as Queen of the Universe, as Mother Gaia. I have been enjoying some wonderful direct new experiences with Mary, mother of God, as a very friendly exponent of the Sacred Feminine Principle. As you are aware, we are in a position now to receive new frequencies of sound through our physical bodies.
In the light of which, take a look at the insights of Patricia Cotes Robles, whose invocation of Mother Mary is compelling. Thank you Katherine Cross for this intro. Thank you Claire Crehan for your beautiful account of visiting Montserrat Monastery and the Black Madonna. Also Hildegarde von Bingen’s world (Lets go together next time!) Have a listen: “Mother Mary Rosary for an Awakening Humanity
The Power of Three
There will be many opportunities for you to engage directly online and live with me in the New Year, and I am so looking forward to the NV Winter Retreat, the evolving NV Adventure in London, and the Online Courses. I am especially inspired by our newly created, “Power of Three” Team – Masashi and Nicholas and Chloe. Come and practice with us at a whole new level – starting in February, with our new ongoing trainings in Bristol. We feel the call to come together, once more, to work with greater ferocity, uncompromising rigour, creative passion and intention to awaken and to fully embody the Light within. I cannot emphasise how important this new cycle of work will be. Everyone welcome, and ongoing commitment will be required after the first gathering on Feb 13th. See our diary.
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New Year’s Eve is for me an opportunity to go deep inside to tune in with the “symphony of consciousness” sound awareness evolving across the globe. My gratitude to all my NV retreat assistants, notably Rolf, Rhiannon, Stephanie, Suzanne and Sasha, Jules, Chantal and Hilary. Also to all our NVF mentors and trainees who are bravely navigating the Naked Voice Facilitator Training. Once again thank you to Rolf and the Mentors Team for co-creating the new Exploration approach to the NVF Training. That has had a delightfully calming effect on those approaching the Training, knowing they can take much more time to embody the work for themselves first.
Special gratitude to Tim Chalice for your tireless support (only 2 days per week!) of our mission in the world. You are a true star, and its also a great JOY to see your chanting groups building and nourishing everyone. Let’s keep energising the dream for more administrative and training support on the ground. Thank you for holding that vision.
The evolution of our movement this past year, has been much more subtle, quietly much more grounded.
I will be travelling internationally once more this year. We will go deeper still, and spread the word, as the Online Trainings expand, and increasing numbers open hearts voices and minds into the sound wisdom that only the magic human voice can access, from the source of Being.
May we return with fresh new life and energy in 2017.
Enjoy the shift…I’ll meet you there.

13 November 2015
Lots of love from Zuma Beach, LA, where I enjoyed a beautiful visit with my long time student friend and now music collaborator – Stella Davies – and her beautiful husband Bill, and his inspiring son Sean. Onto NYC City now….the final lap of this incredible joyous singing pilgrimage in USA, celebrating a new cycle of life for The Naked Voice. Shared a gentle focused evening with deep listening shared sound spoken song sacred chant with time for self inquiry last night at The Mystic Journey bookstore Venice, LA. An inspiring closure to an unforgettable sound-into-soul voyage on the West coast. Just boarding for NYC now for the final chapter of this 6 week naked soul singing trip.
Looking forward to the annual Naked Voice Winter Retreat Dec 6-9th. I’ll meet you there where we will, Find Your Voice, Find Yourself.
7 November 2015
A wonderful reunion with dear old and new friends in San Francisco. We had 60 attendees at the NV workshop and a wonderful collaborative concert at the Marin School thanks to Lloyd Barde, Deborah Wilder and friends. I had some inspiring new music connections with Barbara Borden (See “Keepers of the Beat” DVD) and Gary Malkin, film composer and producer of “Graceful Passages”.
Arrived in LA yesterday for a delightful house concert last night hosted by a very old friend, Stella Davies – an inspiring voice and NVF graduate from 2007 – and her wonderful musician friends Jack (Hawaiian dulcimer and guitar) and Ramesh (percussion).
Chevalier Book store reading this afternoon in LA and a workshop tomorrow in Ventura at Cosmotion.
Deep gratitude to all my hosts every step of the way.
It’s a strenuous ride. I’m loving the generous reception and the deepening interest in the transforming power of sound.
31 October 2015
The Naked Voice SongFest – thank you Lloyd Barde Productions! An unforgettable workshop-into-concert last night at the Marin School with a world class line-up of radiant humble musicians, who also happen to be my very dear West coast friends – Barbara Borden (world percussion), Kim Rosen (poetry) and Gary Malkin (piano), in the Marin School Mill Valley. Huge gratitude to Lloyd and Deborah Barde for co-creating this memorable night celebrating my book “The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound”. Thank you everyone!
30 October 2015
My book tour pilgrimage goes on. It’s full on and flowing very well. After the SAND2015 conference a beautiful break in the mountains with a gathering for self-inquiry through NV chants sound and song with my dear friends Cris and Jack Mulvey-Kuehn and their community near Nevada City. A gentle 3 hour train journey brought me back into The Bay Area yesterday. It’s an enchanting paradise world here with beautiful sun, positive energy and more wonderful connections with very dear old soul friends. It feels like a long awaited home-coming. Today started with a great music rehearsal with extraordinary percussionist supremo, Barbara Borden – a joyous humble radiant being and a true force of nature through virtuoso effortless percussion sourced from the deepest listening! I’m now Looking forward to our concert and workshop tomorrow produced by Lloyd Barde Productions. Lloyd has pulled out all the stops for this music gathering. I feel deeply honored. Can’t wait!
25 October 2015
SAND volunteer Michael Robinson drove me from San Jose to Sacramento, state capital of California a 3hr drive. My old friends Cris and Jack met me there and drive me on to their home near Nevada City. A beeeautiful magical community here, once the “Gold Rush country”! And I’m LOVING the BIG SUN after weeks of rain in UK. I’m spending 4 lovely days singing and resting chez Cris and Jack in their exquisite country home (with huge porch and decks) in the Grass Valley. It was Cris who introduced me to the Blackfeet medicine elders in Montana several years ago (this story is in my book). It’s a full on journey, and I’m so enjoying the nourishing and creative encounters with old and new friends. Tomorrow, an evening celebrating my book ‘at home’ with shared sound chant and love song, hosted by Cris and Jack.
22-25 October 2015
SAND2015 conference was an inspiring dynamic experience enabling many substantial communications in the company of Deepak Chopra, Rupert Spyra, Elizabeth Sahtoris and many more. 38 USA states represented and 30 other countries bringing together modern mystics, scholars, artists and new scientists to explore the meeting of non-duality, science and consciousness. The Naked Voice work was well received as a bridge between these worlds. I also enjoyed a great evening with my publishers North Atlantic Books who are also sponsors of SAND. It was a great delight to meet my editors Tim McKee and Hisae Matsuda, face to face, and also NAB director Doug Reil. An open hearted evening for us all with 8 other NAB authors (see photo). We all feel very supported by our lovely publishers!
NAB Authors
Chloe at SAND High Quality
15-18 October 2015
Thursday: Spent my first day at the Arizona Music Instrument Museum (MIM) with Barbara Crowe, pioneering emeritus Professor of Music Therapy – at Arizona State University – and her lovely husband Ross. A phenomenal building accommodating examples of all the music instruments and cultures of the world with audio-visual recordings of their instrumental and vocal styles. Barbara is author of “Music and Soulmaking”, a must-read for all those interested in the cross fertilisation of music, complexity science, chaos theory, and consciousness, leading toward a new spiritual ground, catalysed by our relationship with sound. In the evening we heard Joan Armatrading in concert at MIM. Her last world tour! She was radiant and a great inspiration at 64 years!
Friday: My interactive concert at Arizona Recital hall. A lovely intimate space for 100 capacity. Meditative deep listening and presence. Well received, opening the door with stories, sound poetry and song from my book.
Saturday: Same venue and a great Day Naked Voice workshop at Arizona Music Dept organised by emeritus professor of Music Therapy Barbara Crowe and her wonderful staff Robin and Kymla. That evening, I gave my first bookstore reading/signing at the Changing Hands Bookstore which was a lot of fun. Welcoming organisers, and a very large book store with a beautiful space to present. Deep listening everywhere.
Sunday: The Grand Canyon with friends Barbara and Ross in their enormous motor home called ‘Spirit’.
Phoenix rising! Sa Reeeeeeeeee
Changing Hands outside
1st September 2015
December 6-9th
Buckland Hall, Wales

Dear Naked Voice Friends, Trainees, Facilitators and Mentors,
Join us for ‘FIND YOUR VOICE, FIND YOURSELF” and encourage your friends to come find their voice and find themselves too. Our annual three day Winter Retreat takes place at one of the most beautiful nourishing venues in the Celtic Isles. Buckland Hall, nr Abergevenny, provides a healing landscape and sanctuary for a direct experience of your true Self through your unique sound. It is a treasured ‘home’ of The Naked Voice. You will be fed and watered with the greatest of care, whilst you meet other like-minded souls on the path of self-knowledge through sound. You will discover an ever-deepening way into your soul, through an indepth encounter with your spoken and sung voice.
Your naked voice awakens love songs inside you, sourced from a stillness and loving presence ‘beyond right and wrong doing’. This stillness is sourced from an awareness of the eternal and all-inclusive feminine. It is this feminine principle within each of us that allows an unconditional and all-inclusive relationship with the shadows and emotional issues that challenge our separatist thinking, and ego doubts and fears. Your true voice arises from a deeper place beneath psychology. With practice, it discovers how to embrace and engage with the obstacles of the mind.
The Naked Voice teachings offer a pathless way, a way of wisdom that will challenge your fields of perception and transform apathy into empathy, and reactivity into revelation, fear into awe and wonder. Your naked voice reveals the naked truth of who you are. Where does it come from? What is its message? Who is singing? These questions activate a deeper self-inquiry that ignites a direct experience of your true nature. Your authentic Self. And as you run to meet it you discover that ‘It’ has been calling you all your life. And this calling is waking up an ever-expanding ‘singing field’ of other human beings like you, an interconnected community, a meeting place where non-judgemental listening opens our ears to the music of Life Itself!
Find Your Voice, Find Yourself opens the door on a symphony of Love – instinctual, intuitive, infinite love – an unstoppable musical soul food. The Naked Voice welcomes you into a sound community, where you will discover conscious communication skills, learn to express and share the empowering vulnerability of love’s confusing joy. And if integrating your highest aspirations with your grounded purpose on Earth matters to you, don’t delay. The door is wide open! Come and Find Your Voice, Find Yourself. Just three days to transform your life again and again. No-one else has a voice like you. Come and meet yourself at your own door, singing!
I’ll meet you there. ………with love Chloe.
Click here for more information and bookings.
24th June 2014
“Move beyond attachment to names…Every war and conflict between human beings has happened because of some disagreement about names. It’s such an unnecessary foolishness, because just beyond the arguing there is a long table of companionship, set and waiting for us to sit down.” (Rumi – Coleman Barks)
Feel this glorious light of mid-summer moving through every cell in your body. Breathe it in, drink it in deep. Listen beneath the polarities, the disconnect of head from heart. Listen beyond the dark obsessions, the terrorist omens of the world media. Listen deeper than duality and death. Move through your day with discernment. Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move like it’s a sacred act, orchestrating love energy from the centre of your chest. Breathe in, relax, sigh out. Breathe in again a longer nourishing in-breath, opening your arms to sound out for all you are worth A E I O M. Send your songline around and around the globe. Sound out who you are. Sing the sovereignty of your soul. Melt all your music of angst into a still point within. Those of us not in the direct firing line of the war machine, we have a fiercer task; to use the disarming weapon of our healing sound and to sing it loud and strong, sounding through our own terrorism, transforming the ten thousand armies of negative thoughts into an animated energy field of sound, a new mode of consciousness, a music of undivided wholeness, a Singing Field – A Way of Transformation.
“We are conditioned and unconditioned, we are both at the same time” (‘Both At The Same Time” from Fierce Wisdom CD)
5th December 2013
‘Consciousness is all there is. Other than consciousness nothing is. The basic perennial principle underlying all religions before they were corrupted by interpretations and formal rituals, was the same; the existence of a Reality whatever name called, Reality, Totality, Existence, God or whatever. This Reality which the first human being must have experienced, is the awareness of Being – I AM…’ – “The Basic Understanding, The Bhagavad Gita, A Selection” by Ramesh S Balsekar
This dynamic teaching penetrates deeper into our sound awareness practice. Our naked voice and sound bridges the cosmic with the human, the One with the Two, absolute and relative dimensions of life on Earth.
The One Breath – One Voice exercise offers a direct experience of duality within oneness. Simply take in a big breath and without any thought, sound out one unobstructed cry, for as long as your one breath will take you. As the sound dies away you are left with silence, a natural pause, and an opportunity for deeper listening. Reflect before the next breath comes in. In that moment reflect to yourself inside – WHO AM I? I AM THAT I AM.
Breathe in then sound out again. Let the silence reveal an inner stillness, an inter-connectedness with everything around you and most important your own self. As the song goes “Oneself is all there is, Home Coming Home” (Fierce Wisdom CD). Enjoy discovering your Naked Voice, coming home to the oneness within.
However you may ask, “If consciousness , or God, is all that exists and functions through human beings, how can there ever arise the question of personal achievement for any human being? The Supreme will of only One Supreme power must prevail. Is it God’s will or your will that must prevail?
When you wake up in the morning, do you fall out of bed, placing your forehead to the ground, with gratitude for another day, for this breath, for Life itself? Or, do you awaken slowly reluctant to even put your toe out into the cold, holding back from climbing out of bed until the absolute last moment, whilst your mind starts filling with the “to do” list and with it, all the accompanying pressures that threaten you with disastrous outcomes unless unless unless…etc? This experience of the mind as “enemy” has created the world as we know it.
Our attachment to the illusion of believing that we really are a separate self with a separate life life to lead creates on ongoing conundrum as we spin through the cosmos on this fleeting human journey, a tiny speck of light in the cosmos. As we move towards the darkest time of the year, many children and families become enchanted by the Advent candles and the story of the Christ or Krishna and Father Christmas Light coming into the world. Many others are homeless, half-dying, seemingly forgotten by the promise of a new Light coming into the world. Millions of people are off work everyday in this country alone, from stress-related illnesses. This world is crying out for transformation of Light out of darkness. And still the duality of an eye for an eye plagues the human mind.
Throughout my life since school, I have wrestled with the duality-Oneness questions. It was the grace of remarkable spiritual teachers combined with the naked voice of my singing heart that brought this hungry search for the deepest truth I AM home.
One of my teachers was Ramesh Balsekar, an unique advaita (non-dual) teacher from Bombay, who was also the head of the Bank of India! I always enjoyed this collision of material with spiritual. I used to enjoy sitting with him, in his flat up many flights of stairs. He has since passed, but his universal words, quoted above, remain.
These living words are points of Light shining at the source of the Naked Voice experience, where we re-discover the Oneness of our true nature, through sound awareness skills, spontaneous and meditative practices. May you discover and share the transformative power of your own unique naked voice as it shines the Light of understanding on the I AM that WE ARE.
21st November 2013
From The Killing Fields To Singing Fields
Shared sound disappears “the enemy” and restores interconnectedness
A phenomenal global interest is now building as a new collective voice makes its presence felt across the social media, Twitter and Facebook, pushing through old outworn forms of leadership, and slowly awakening a new sound in response to the changing needs of the 21st century. Witness Gareth Malone’s great work on UK TV, The Choir and Sing While You Work. It is a wonderful reminder to me of singing in the shopping malls we used to enjoy in the 1990’s. I used to sing to people coming down the escalator on their way to shopping in Sainsbury’s. Wonderful rewarding stuff. Singing together is an empowering way of raising the spirits of everyone at work. And, The Naked Voice work goes deeper, by integrating spontaneous and choral voice with life-changing meditative and structured practices that connect you with the voice of your innermost soul. Having connected with yourself in this way, you begin to experience the inter-connective tissue that sound is in ALL areas of life from your most intimate relationships – with yourself and family – as well as in your work and community. Self-awareness becomes ‘sound awareness’ and it can radically change the way we communicate with the world around us. Our experience of sound can take us far beyond its use within performance, entertainment and religion. Our ancient wisdom traditions and indigenous communities have so often revealed sound as the ground of of our existence. In the beginning was the word…Learning to listen to our sound without judgement opens the door on living a more fulfilling and conscious way of life. Sound has the power to transform separateness and territorial thinking. Shared sound disappears all thoughts of “the enemy” replacing it with a shared spirit of oneness and unity. A new sound is certainly calling to be created, and with it a resonance with life, and a language of listening that has the potential to overcome material poverty and transform the spiritual crisis we face, elevating the human spirit, and creating musical gatherings – we call them SINGING FIELDS – all-inclusive meeting places for deep listening and shared presence through sound, sacred chant, poetry & love song.
Treat yourself to a direct experience of our pioneering
in glorious Brecon Beacons, Wales and celebrate the Spring Equinox 2014 at the same time.
Watch this video to be inspired and click here to book online and get more information.
“Turn me into song”  
I am delighted to be starting up a more regular and active Naked Voice blog. Since we launched our new website awhile back I have been increasingly immersed in writing my forthcoming book. To whet your appetite I will share some extracts from it in my blog too. I trust that you will enjoy these extracts from my daily life.  Do email us your responses, thoughts, related experiences.
True singing, like falling in love, reaches to the core of your being. Like love, your true sound is a powerful force, and a creative tool that can release and transform long-held tensions in the body, heart and mind, whilst regenerating the joy, aliveness and innate beauty of your soul once again.
As an innovative voice educator for over thirty years now, much of my time has been spent empowering hundreds of individuals to discover their authentic voice, the voice of their true authority, prior to social conditioning. Many individuals come with a story about feeling blocked in their throat. This experience is caused by a common experience in childhood of being prevented, through social conditioning, from using your true voice. The Naked Voice method focuses on the emotional release of this ‘metal-grip-around-the-throat’ syndrome, so that your authentic voice can be liberated once more.
Given a safe and supportive context, together with a range of energising and affirming vocal practices, you soon recover the self-confidence and faith, to access the originality and essence of your true voice, the song of your soul. The tense throat softens and relaxes as the heart opens to express its truth like a flower in the sun…
This opens the door into a deeper self-inquiry with your voice, through an exercise called “vocal self portrait”. You are invited to explore the autobiography of your voice, whatever that means for you. Your inner voice, outer voice, spoken or sung voice, the voice you only used at home, at work, with friends etc. This process can be accompanied by any of the actual songs you remember from your childhood, into adolescence and adulthood. Nursery rhymes, and lullabies, as they evolved into made-up songs of your own maybe, or folk, rhythm’n’blues, arias, jazz standards and musicals, anything to encourage spontaneity and self-confidence in the singing process. Singing to pump up the adrenalin and let your hair down with. This personal history exercise lends importance to the role your voice has played in your life, as a catalyst in remembering times when your true expression was either affirmed or disempowered in the past.  As your confidence strengthens, you also access the drive to express yourself more courageously once again.
Breathwork, energy movement and spontaneous sound, leads in non-verbal improvised phrases that connect more deeply with the sounds of your instinctual emotions. This simple non-verbal sounding out is a great first step away from the safe harbour of recognisable tunes, with clear-cut beginnings and endings, into the more uncertain uncharted shadow realms of the singing heart.
In the early days, the emphasis of my voice workshops was upon celebration, encouraging people through multi-part singing and chants from around the world, to sing out with joy and simple abandonment. This letting go was very popular. The workshops were always full and attracted people from all walks of life. As they began to relax with renewed self-confidence, I noticed how silence would follow each song or chant. People would start to love those moments when the body and the lungs had been well-exercised, and they would rest in the aftermath of each song with quiet satisfaction.
Inspired by my contemplative background, I started to invite a more meditative quality into the vocal sessions, exploring the interface between vocal expression and silent awareness.  We listened to the subtle shifts in the tonality and rhythms of the voice, its emotional stability, colour, resonance, substance and expanding range. We began to hear within the ‘outer’ singing, the ‘inner’ voice of our own life’s calling. As this listening awareness deepened, a deeper compassionate presence was felt by everyone. This I called sound-awareness. I learnt from wisdom teachings, that this self-obervational listening process was called the witness consciousness, the capacity to listen and to observe yourself through your sound with total acceptance.  Non-judgemental listening is an essential key in discovering your naked voice. It silences the negative criticism of the rational mind.
The witnessing mind then provides the inner stability and spacious awareness that enables you to harness and embody the powerful forces of your emotions, through sung expression, without disturbance from your analytical mind.  The music of your emotions can then be truly heard. You are free to express them with sound awareness, and without fear. Starting from a spontaneous and non-verbal utterance they grow and expand with practice into uniquely shaped melodies and musical modes. With patient and loving attention this music of your emotions can evolve and flow, as inspired by the light and shadow of your soul song. These sounds signal a new and courageous communication with your emotional body, your soul and with your personal life as a whole. It opens the heart, relaxes the body-mind and frees the voice. What were once all-consuming neuroses, become creative fuel for your authentic voice.
I have been privileged to discover through this experiential sound work that there is a soul-wisdom I can instantly hear, and actually ‘see’ evolving through the singers’ efforts. Every person’s voice has a unique sound quality, resonance, expression and momentum of its own. As we each learn to hear and acknowledge it we can then take on responsibility for its grounded expression in the world.
Our Naked Voice workshops and the longer residential retreats give us more in-depth time to meditate, listen, and find this naked soul song together. It offers an endless source of personal and collective discovery.
Copyright Chloe Goodchild 2013