Our wonderful expanding network of Facilitator graduates worldwide are now the major providers of the Naked Voice Introductory workshops. To find out more about the work of these highly competent Naked Voice facilitators click on the flags above. I cannot praise their diverse and comprehensive styles of healing voice and sound work enough.
Naked Voice facilitators offer workshops as well as one-to-one sessions in a wide variety of settings in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. They also find creative ways of bringing aspects of the NV into their varied fields of work: musicianship, the healing arts, yoga, bodywork, sound healing, mental health, kirtan, the corporate world, shamanism, education, poetry and the performing arts.
The Naked Voice practices are a powerful means of uncovering the authentic voice and its ability to transform an individual’s way of being, liberating creativity and enabling true and deep connection. Through training and facilitating Naked Voice Facilitators have learned how to guide and empower others to discovering how their voice can support the on-going evolution of our human potential and of true community.


To find out more about becoming a Naked Voice Facilitator, download our document on Facilitator Training, which charts the 3-stage journey to Facilitator Graduation and includes estimated costs to complete the training.
Chloe’s Naked Voice Residential Retreats worldwide, do not require you to become a NV Facilitator. However, if you wish to train as a NV facilitator, participating in a Naked Voice Retreat with Chloe, is your first point of entry on that road. It provides you with the foundational facilitator skills that lead towards graduation as a Naked Voice Facilitator. It is important to emphasise that to become a NV Facilitator is a ‘vocational calling’ that requires at least another 2 – 5 years of apprenticeship to complete, depending on your life experience. During this time you will be supported and mentored by a Naked Voice Facilitator graduate, as well as continuing specialist work with Chloe and her core team, Masashi Minagawa and Nicholas Twilley.
Download the new Facilitator Training Application Form here.


To be a Naked Voice Friend means simply to be part of The Naked Voice community. You can attend workshops, events, Singing Fields, enjoy the music, link to our website, share Naked Voice newsletters and information with friends, follow Chloe on Twitter and Facebook.


Become a Naked Voice Organiser and there is no need to travel to find us — we come to you! Bring The Naked Voice workshop you want direct to your doorstep. As a Naked Voice Organiser you are playing an essential role in creating a new language of consciousness through voice and sound. The Naked Voice Organiser’s Pack guides you through the whole process from initial preparations, to workshop opening, completion, and follow-up. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support and involvement. For more detailed information download the Organiser’s Pack here.


The Naked Voice administration is presently researching the most effective ways to distribute, publicise and bring this work to a wider mainstream audience. These developments depend on the generosity of your kind donations and sponsorship.

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We have fallen into the place where everything is music !