Which Course? An Overview

The Naked Voice offers a range of courses from one-to-one sessions and small groups, to introductory one day / weekend workshops, in-depth residential retreats, facilitator trainings and large scale choral trainings.

The One-to-One Session or Voiceline

If you have never explored any form of expressive voice work or singing training before but you are interested to build more confidence through your voice, then a private one-to-one session with Chloe is a great way to start. A session can last from 30 mins to one hour, or longer if you wish. A Voiceline online resolves the location issue. And you can work with Chloe from anywhere in the world. A One-to-One with Chloe can be an effective, opportunity to unearth and express yourself in new ways. It can be really fun, even life-changing. We now have a dedicated page for voicelines, so to find out more about what a voiceline is, times, costs and testimonials please click here.

The Naked Voice Online Classes

Everyone has a unique voice and that includes YOU! If you have a real curiosity about your authentic voice, yet feel you have never truly expressed it, our new Online Courses starting in 2017 give you a unique a very economical opportunity to access the true potential, authenticity, passion and power of your voice, in a supportive group setting; and all from the comfort of your home! The Online Courses range from Introductory, to Intermediate and In-depth and are instrumental in building a vocal movement called VOCE – Voices for Conscious Evolution. You can progress at a pace that suits you, and these courses provide you with the essential vocal skills to hear yourself, to express your truth, and to walk your talk creatively, courageously and compassionately in the world. To find out more about our Online Courses click here.

The Introductory One Day or Weekend Workshop

This introductory Naked Voice workshop, is a joyous way to let go and find your voice in the supportive presence of other vocal allies. Chloe or one of her trained NV facilitators will introduce you to simple energising ways to access the depth breadth pitch rhythm and passion in your vocal sound, through a range of exercises including Sacred Chants and Mantras, One Breath One Voice, The Seven Levels of Sound, The Seven Sounds of Love, and The Singing Field Triad You wil find yourself singing naturally, and spontaneously in ways you never imagined possible. For upcoming workshops by Chloe click here.

The In-Depth Naked Voice Retreats (3-5 days)

These retreats take you into a much deeper experience of your inner-outer voice, as a metaphor for living a rich and creative life both at home and at work. Self-inquiry is a big part of the retreat. The vocal practices focus around the question of “Who is singing?” The retreats take you on a transformative journey that dissolve self-consciousness and bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself and others as you discover new ways to listen to yourself without judgement, to express your truth. Chloe’s pioneering practices integrate sound and energy movement through the Seven Sounds of Love and the Musical Chakras and Modes, that empower you to navigate and master your emotions through the music of your soul. You will leave with new vocal and communication skills to build caring, compassionate relationships.
N.B. You can organise and invite Chloe to facilitate a residential retreat in your community. (For details of how to organise a NV workshop or retreat, see our Organisers Pack).

The Naked Voice Facilitator Training – A Vocation
A Three Stage Process

If you are seriously interested to train as a Naked Voice Facilitator in the therapeutic and transformative application of the voice, then the NV Facilitator Training is for you. Whether you are looking to change career, or to bring new communication skills into your workplace or home, then the NV Facilitator Training offers a guided learning environment for you. Once you have finished The Three Stage Facilitator Training you complete the journey with the NVF graduation ceremony, usually at a Naked Voice International Retreat. For more details about becoming a Naked Voice Facilitator or finding a local facilitator please click here.

NV Consultancy and Performance

Chloe is available as a consultant and advisor to Directors, CEOs, team leaders, community organisers wishing to integrate and apply The Naked Voice methodology, at work or in the wider community. Clients meet Chloe to discuss tailor-made opportunities, to explore specific themes such as conflict resolution, evolutionary leadership, community building, mediation initiatives etc.

The Naked Voice Choral Trainings
Singing Fields – Building Sound Communities

The intention behind these Choral Trainings is to ‘Change the Resonance’ and co-create more conscious urban communities through the transforming power of shared collective vocal performances. Chloe, her Core Team and NV Facilitators, collaborate a magical field of energy in which everyone present can integrate voice and sound work more effectively into their everyday communities thus enriching the qualities of their lives. Each Choral Training leads to at least one performative event or interactive musical gathering each year, in which the local community is invited to share the fruits of the choral trainees singing skills.


Within the sound of your voice are the keys to innumerable worlds…..