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  • The Naked Voice – Journey to the Spirit of Sound  – Book (Rider Books, Random House 1993)
  • Devi – 1996, Raven Recording
  • Sura – 1998, Raven Recording
  • Sound Awareness – 2000, Naked Voice Music
  • Fierce Wisdom – 2002, Naked Voice Music
  • Your Naked Voice – 2007, Sounds True
  • Awakening Through Sound – 2007, Sounds True
  • Laughing Heart – 2009, Naked Voice Music
  • Eternal A – 2010, Naked Voice Music
  • Thousand Ways of Light – 2010, Naked Voice Music


Click here to listen as Tami Simon from Sounds True speaks to Chloe Goodchild in an inspiring hour long interview about what she calls “the sound before sound”. Chloë also leads us through a Naked Voice exercise for tuning into the sound of your own voice called One Breath, One Voice.

Click here to download a podcast with Steve Nobel from Alternatives, London interviewing Chloe  about the evolution of The Naked Voice, from her childhood to today, touching on the topics of silence, sounding emotions, transformation through chanting and singing as a tool for conflict resolution.

Click here to listen to an in-depth and fascinating podcast of Jeffrey Milburn interviewing Chloe Goodchild, discussing Chloe’s experience of flying over New York on 9/11, her childhood, connection with Anandamayi and the Naked Voice work.

Click here to watch a video of The Naked Voice Singing Field Choral Training in Dublin 2010-11.


“The simple purity of Chloe Goodchild’s melody line, sparks a whole series of core emotions too long buried” – Lord David Puttnam


“Chloë has a voice of mesmirising purity. She possesses one of the freest spirits I have ever seen on stage” –  Juliet Stevenson


“Chloe is a spectacular genius of this performance art” – Coleman Barks


“Chloe Goodchild awakens the pure power of light in the realm of song and chant. Her gentle vocal revelations invite the wisdom of beauty to unfold and awaken our hearts. I cherish her tender guidance in these deep and cheerfilled lessons of song and life.” – Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect


“Chloe Goodchild’s clarity of tone – both in her CD’s and in her books – penetrates to the bone. I revel in both her songs and words, especially when she surrenders to the mystery of devotion. In the West we usually shy away from pure devotion, often for legitimate reasons. But Chloe evokes the open, trembling, courageous heart of devotion that more deeply invites us into the danger of living. I celebrate and recommend her work.” – Gangaji


“Chloe is a renowned composer, singer and recording artist who has perfected a technique called The Naked Voice for teaching others to sing. So powerful is her combination of spirit with sound that choral performances directed by her are now becoming instrumental in international mediation initiatives, such as a recent visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Belfast, and other peace-making initiatives in Europe and the USA” – Dr Scilla Elworthy, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and Niwano Peace Prize winner


“Out of nowhere, Chloe Goodchild’s naked voice, soaring with a range that one would have believed impossible.” – Times Literary Supplement


“Chloe is a teacher of the divine kind. She has both feet firmly planted in the human realm, her heart and head dancing with humor and intelligence and her spirit a pure channel to the Divine. I’ve had the fantastic luck to meet and work with a number of the 20th centuries greatest teachers on the spiritual and artistic paths, and the instant I met Chloe (in Montana!) I knew I’d met a profound guide to the fantastic and complicated millennial consciousness. She works through the Voice. What other human ability carries the collective more than the Voice … language as vibration … as prayer … as incantation. She reduced the complicated pantheon available to we homo sapiens, to that which is available to all of us walking this Earth, the Voice. it contains the Breath and primordial Sound and we use it every day! She guides you back to You. If you get a chance to work with Chloe, do it! In the meantime she has numerous CD’s available through Sounds True, iTunes and your local music store, that are so familiar and intimate that you can practice her techniques in the sanctity of your home and travel the waves of Naked Sound with her incorporeally. You won’t regret it, and more than learning to use your own Voice with a capital V, you will find a tried and true way to your own center, your own connection to all that is, the Cosmos, the quantum level of existence… in short, the Divine. BTW Chloe’s path sparkles with beauty and humor, so it is a fun path as well!” – Simone Lazzeri Ellis,


“Thanks so much for the music on Saturday night at Findhorn. I can still feel the energy! I found listening to your music painfully and joyfully intense. The pain was an intense longing for truth, love and union. I loved the silences at the end of the songs. It’s as if a new world was going to reveal itself in that magical moment” – Tom, May 2010


“”In the first session at our Hollyhock retreat, when we were singing the Heart Sutra, I experienced a state of Oneness, cohesiveness, complete Presence and Joy. Although I’ve lived a life with music since I was barely four years old, I “knew” for the first time that the vibration of sound could bring someone (me) into complete Presence and Oneness. Also, in those first few hours of the retreat, I understood that there is just sound, just vibration, no separate voice for singing/speaking. This sound is Vibration, is Energy, Is in the field of Consciousness. Since the retreat, I’ve been doing many of the vocal exercises and singing a lot. I do this often at different times — while walking in my nearby forest, while driving, while washing dishes, anytime. I’ve noticed a lack of self-judgment about how I sound. I’ve also noted a broader vocal range that comes out of me.” – Phyllis Shacter, Author, Choosing to Die,


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