VOCE – Voices of Conscious Evolution

The VOCE TRAININGS are changing lives through the transformative impact of authentic vocal expression and the seamless interweaving of silent, spoken and sung voice. Chloe’s pioneering practices are sourced from a process of self-inquiry, rooted in non-dual, all-inclusive, non-reactive, compassionate communication skills.
The VOCE Ongoing Trainings offer you a unique opportunity to access and express your true potential, authenticity, passion and power, at a pace and level that meets you right where you are. And all from the comfort of your home !
VOCE welcomes everyone, newcomers and committed practitioners alike. Find yourself in a profound inviolable ‘field’ of deep non-judgemental listening, dispelling separateness, unifying diversity, generating shared values, and sound leadership. The aim is to restore and renew conscious loving relationships through a mindful use of sound.
The Introductory Training is a ‘home-learning’ course to take in your own time. Once you have worked through the practices then you are able to move onto the live Intermediate and then In-depth Trainings. Please see our website diary for dates of upcoming Intermediate and In-Depth online courses.
Update: November 2018
At present the Intermediate and In-depth Trainings are taking a backseat while we put our energies into new online trainings for The Shift Network. We hope to bring these back with fresh impetus in 2019.

Homework and Buddy Practice and will be part of each Training and audio recordings will be made available after each session.
VOCE Testimonials
“Much, much gratitude for VOCE. It came at a particularly helpful time for me. I have been a soundwork practitioner for many years. Much of my work was offering sound to clients and group soundwork. I have encouraged women to voice in my group sessions but I have been wanting to offer more intensive vocal release opportunities. In January I sort of hit a wall, two steps forward, 10 steps back. I felt that I was at the edge of something new and resistance showed up, big time.Your course, ever encouraging, helped to catapult me over the edge. For that I’m grateful. Since then I have had numerous clients come for one-on-one sessions to experience vocal experimentation.” – Evelyn Ward de Roo,