Sacred Feminine

The presence of the sacred feminine or the ‘deep yin’ has always played a significant role within my voicework and creative life, and all the more so, since my encounter with Anandmayi Ma (Mother of Bliss) one of the greatest woman saints in 20th century India. The above quote is Anandanamayi Ma.  This page will explore the significant role that the sacred feminine is playing in the evolution of  The Naked Voice teachings worldwide.


I have been blessed to know many wise women throughout my life, including my own biological mother, Jean Helen Mary (born 1928), and my maternal grandmother Gladys Ross, Irina Tweedie (Chasm of Fire). It was my encounter with Anandamayi Ma, in 1987, that my experience of the sacred feminine was to transform my life in ways I never imagined possible. The feminine qualities exists in all humans. However, it is fascinating to see, that across the course of the last 25 years and more, since I began facilitating Voice and sound work that the majority of our participants, both in our in-depth retreats, and trainings as well as our public choral and mediation initiatives, are women. Women of all ages from teenagers, to young mothers, older women, and elders. The deep yin, is very alive in our time, to heal restore and unify the Deep Song of the Earth once again.


“I am conditioned as well as unconditioned. I am neither infinite nor confined within limits. I am both at the same time.” Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982)


Click here to download a pdf of Supreme Woman Of Being – Anandamayi Ma, an excerpt from Chloe Goodchild’s book, ‘The Naked Voice: Journey To The Source of Sound’)


Click on the video below to watch beautiful images of Anandamayi accompanied by ‘Sri Ma’ from Chloe’s Fierce Wisdom CD and here to see more Ma images accompanied by ‘Om Anandamayi’ from Chloe’s CD, Laughing Heart.


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We know that Ma’s presence has touched many of you deeply, and we invite you to write in and share your experiences of her impact on your work with the Naked Voice, so that we may include some of these on the page.


Mahamaya, Mahamaya, MahaShakti Mata Mayi Ma

Great Mother, Great Mother, Mother of Universal Energy and Power


Om Ananda Mayi, Chaitanyamayi,  Sattyamayi, Parameshwari

Praise to the Blissful Mother, Awakened Mother, Mother of Being, Mother beyond all Form


The Great Mother, Mahamaya, is the origin of creation. When the desire arose in her to play the game of life, She divided herself into two, namely Ma-Mother and Maya-illusion, and entered the stage of the world concealing Herself in many forms of maya. When after much searching and hard-beaten by the blows of fate a human being wakens to true intuition she or he feels the presence of the mother behind the fleeting appearances and sets out in search of her. Blessed by her grace we come to realise her as the prime cause and source of all creationMahaMaya. Immersed in Her presence we lose ourselves in the Ocean of being consciousness Bliss. Gradually we come to see that what is called moha or maya in the world is named Mahamaya Great Mother. Although their functions are different in manifestation, essentially the two are one. The great mother walks with you through the sorrows and delights of this world. She listens with you – deeper and deeper – to the voice of your true Self. That naked voice the real sound inside you awakens an inner stillness a peace beyond any understanding of it. It is by seeking to know yourself that the great Mother of all may be found. When you lose yourself in the contemplation of the Divine Name you can merge in the ocean of heavenly beauty. All symbolic names for God are one and the same. As soon as the consciousness of the outside world disappears the self-revealing power of the name inevitably finds its expression in you. Lose yourself to find yourself. Let go all the stories about who you think you are and find out who you are.


The Infinite is contained within the finite, and the finite within the infinite;
the Whole is in the part, and the part is in the Whole.
This is so, when one has entered the Great Stream…
Infinite is the diversity of creation, infinite are its musical modes of being,
its changing movements and static states, revealed at every single instant…..