Taimyo & Tenshingoso (DVD)

by Masashi Minagawa, Master Instructor of Shintaido – New Body Way


TAIMYO parts 1, 2 & 3

Universal Energy & Meditation Movement


The Cycle of Life
SHINTAIDO, which means New Body Way, was founded by Masashi Minagawa’s master, Hiroyuki Aoki, and is a profound and nourishing series of meditatve and expressive movements that integrate – absolute and relative – Eastern spiritual understanding, with the creative expression of the West. These movements are accessible to everyone.


This simple hand held video introduces you to TAIMYO, a comprehensive compilation of all Master Hiroyuki Aoki’s research and creation, and TENSHINGOSO, The Five Phases of Heavenly Truth. TAIMYO and TENSHINGOSO are the fundamental movements at the heart of SHINTAIDO.


MASASHI MINAGAWA has spent over 30 years with Hiroyuki Aoki, practicing and teaching Shintaido, as inspired by him, and is co-ordinator of the European Shintaido Technical Committee. Masashi works internationally and lives in Bristol, UK.


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