‘A project established to promote the moral and mental improvement of humanity by teaching meditative, contemplative, listening and singing skills to improve communications and the resolution of conflict; and to protect the health of persons who have either suffered as a result of personal or national conflict or who work with such persons, by promoting the use of such skills as a method of non-violent expression’ – Charity Commission for England and Wales April 2004 (Registered Charity Number 1103831)

The Naked Voice Foundation is helping people to discover and communicate their true voice, free from self-consciousness and fear. It is opening pathways to peace, from the personal to the international scene. Thousands have already experienced this transforming process. Can you help us reach thousands more?


The Naked Voice Foundation is presently researching the most effective ways to distribute, publicise and bring this work to a wider mainstream audience. These developments depend on the generosity of your kind donations and sponsorship. If you would like to make a Gift Aid donation, kindly make cheques payable to The Naked Voice Foundation and send to the The Naked Voice Foundation, The Old Co-op, 38 Chelsea Road, Bristol, BS5 6AF.


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‘Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing
there is a field, a singing field, I’ll meet you there’

– Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

The Singing Field Project aims to establish Singing Fields all over the world providing individuals, communities and countries with the skills to alleviate suffering through sound and voice. The Singing Field creates safe places where people can sing through their differences. In places of conflict and past trauma thousands of people will be enabled to access deeper levels of compassion for self and others. The Singing Field is a series of interactive performance-events for a world in crisis inspired by the use of sound and voice to transform all forms of conflict: from personal suffering to international violence. All profits will further the educational and research programmes of The Naked Voice Foundation and support related local initiatives around the world. For more information on the Singing Field please dowload this pdf.

Singing Field: The Anthem

Chloe’s anthem for the world, Singing Field, is now available on her album Thousand Ways of Light. Since Chloe first sang this song, more and more people have asked for copies of it, saying that they find it empowering and that it brings them renewed courage and strength in these times of profound global change.


“In all my research with non violent and creative communication skills, I have never experienced this ability to effortlessly generate such a range and depth of human feeling and expression with such spontaneity, courage and compassion” – Dr Scilla Elworthy, winner of the Japanese Niwano Peace Prize

“This is absolutely amazing work! The naked voice gets behind my storyline” – Member of the Conflict and Trauma Resources Centre, Belfast

For more details, read our document on the Naked Voice Foundation.

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Whoever creates beauty by playing an instrument, or singing,
and generating musical harmony
begins to understand from within
what essential harmony is…..human harmony

 Jose Abreu, founder of  El Sistema project, Venezuela